Our Guarantee

Our reputation is our bottom line. We want you to be as happy as we are with your purchase or repair, so we offer a full guarantee on all our work and handmade jewelry. See below for details:

Repairs and restoration

We stand by our work and expertise. If something we fixed isn't quite right, or breaks again within a year through normal wear-and-tear, we will repair it again at no cost. Our only exception to this rule is if we clearly state that we will not guarantee the repair because we don't think it's the best course of action or the repair itself is likely to break again because of the nature of the problem. If we aren't guaranteeing the repair, we will always clearly state this to you and write it on your ticket so that there is no confusion. 

Custom design

Our custom pieces are designed for a life of normal wear-and-tear and we will happily resize or re-plate your Alx&Co. ring for free. If you lose melee stone or accent gem within a year of completing the design, we will replace the stone at no charge. Please note that we do not offer this guarantee for certain gemstones such as emeralds which are inherently fragile. We absolutely recommend that you come to our shop at least once a year for a complimentary checkup to let us examine the ring, its stones, and clean it. If you aren't local, send us an email when it's time for your checkup and we will send you a shipping label. Doing this will keep your ring strong and secure for life.